Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've been tagged!

My mother tagged me so I guess that I need to share 7 things about myself and tag 7 others. This should be fun since I don't have a card to share! Here goes....

1. My cat's name is Melky. We adopted him from a shelter toward the end of baseball season and one of my favorite players is Melky Cabrera. My BIL suggested it and it stuck.

2. I'm a HUGE Yankees fan, hence the cat named after a Yankee. This isn't abnormal except that I do live in Red Sox Nation and my parents say they brought me up as a Red Sox fan. We went to a few games but I don't remember watching them at home or knowing who any players were!

3. My husband and I met working at a YMCA summercamp.

4. I still work at Hallmark (gasp!) which was my first job at the age of 16. They give me a few hours a week and I get a discount on Vera Bradley.

5. I love Vera Bradley! Probably from working at Hallmark!

6. I teach first grade at the same school I attended first grade. And I stepped in as my first grade teacher retired.

7. I love to crochet in addition to stamping. It just takes more time to finish a baby blanket than a card. I'm halfway done one so I'll share soon.

Okay I guess I'm supposed to tag 7 others so here's who I'm tagging:

1. Jennifer who says her cat looks like Melky.

2. Bev who left me a sweet message about my card so I want to know more about her.
Be sure to check out her BLOG CANDY too!!!

3. Susan who has 16 cats...YIKES! Her cards and scrapbook pages are still amazing though.

4. Fabric Mom who makes some cool fabric postcards.

5. Maria who makes fabulous cards and inspires me with her Mojo Monday card every week.

6. Shannon who makes amazing cards and amazes me by posting multiple times every day.

7. and last but not least Olena who keeps leaving me sweet messages about my cards.

Whoa that was a lot of work. I'm off to crotchet a baby blanket for a very special baby...boy or girl we won't find out til July when my SIL is due!


  1. I guess Dad and I failed as parents. A Yankee fan in the family! The horror of it!

  2. First off, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment about my computer problem. Anf for your nice comments here and for tagging me. I was just tagged recently though so you might want to choose another blogger.

    Though we live in MD now, I am a native NH girl. So I am shocked that you are a Yankees fan. Good thing my husband doesn't know about this! He's still a die hard Sox fan.

    My hubby and I met in a similar way as you and your hubby.

    How cool about your job. That's got to be a pretty unique situation.

  3. Hi there Carol! Thank you for playing along on the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog - LuvBug Weekend, and I love that you dropped by my blog for the Bloghop! In answer to your question, I used the Textile, Mesh, and Swiss Dots Cuttlebug Folders on my little sweet treat project! Feel free to drop on by when you like:

    Have a great day!


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