Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Memory Book

For Christmas my mom got me this cool 5 year memory book. You just write one line a day each day and when a new year hits, go back to the beginning and repeat. Its like a super simplified version of Project 365, minus pictures. I guess its really not like it at all then!

Of course, on snow days like today when I enjoy my day off by lounging in pjs and only go out to shovel, there isn't much to write...

I still haven't been motivated to head to the basement and create anything with paper in awhile. Perhaps because it is a cold, dungeon-like place. Or because it is a disorganized mess. And now that my mom has a beautiful sewing room (check it out!) I am just too overwhelmed to work on my crafty space. My masters classes start back up in a week so I won't even have time anyway!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Little Word

I had been hearing about Ali Edwards and One Little Word for awhile, but never stopped to actually read up on it. Today I'm snowed in, my husband is home and asleep on the couch and I needed something to do while avoiding work that needs to be done. So I investigated, and I love it.

I've always heard about Ali Edwards and One Little Word, but never investigated. But today I was perusing Mish Mash and I'm snowed in so I snooped around. I love this idea! And as you can see, my word for 2011 is simplify.

I got this word from a recycled Yankee Swap where people brought stuff they didn't want. I actually had last pick and took a bag of junk because the word was in it. Since then it has been sitting on my shelf as I stare at it and now I know why. We'll see what it means for me as the year continues. For now, it means I have too much stuff in my basement and need to continue organizing, cleaning and donating!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mission Organization

For Christmas my mom got me this beautiful Peterborough basket filled with wrapping goodies. And an organized insert.

But this was the rest of my wrapping odds and ends......

I love to wrap, I just don't always put things back in their place. Kind of like stamping and sewing and all that, huh? After a rough day back to school today I felt the need to straighten out the chaos (since I wasn't capable in my classroom) and decided to tackle a do-able project. I brought this all upstairs and watched some tv while I got it organized and threw out the bits and pieces beyond their wrapping glory.

Yay, nice and neat now! I love my bow bin (on the right) and the basket is now filled with tags, tape (I had 6 rolls!), scissors and pens. The big bin is a bit less organized, but its filled with more tissue paper than I knew I had, some flat wrap and fabric ribbons. My roll wrap, gift bags and boxes already had a good organization system set up, so they are set in the basement where these will now join them.
I repurpose a lot....besides a roll of paper now and then, I don't know the last time I bought any of this. It did help working at Hallmark for years, because everytime they redid the wrap section we got to save many things from the dumpster. I saved a lot as you can see. Too bad I don't have anything to wrap until April or so....
Maybe soon this organizational inspiration will strike while I stare at my neglected stamps. *sigh*