Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Little Word

I had been hearing about Ali Edwards and One Little Word for awhile, but never stopped to actually read up on it. Today I'm snowed in, my husband is home and asleep on the couch and I needed something to do while avoiding work that needs to be done. So I investigated, and I love it.

I've always heard about Ali Edwards and One Little Word, but never investigated. But today I was perusing Mish Mash and I'm snowed in so I snooped around. I love this idea! And as you can see, my word for 2011 is simplify.

I got this word from a recycled Yankee Swap where people brought stuff they didn't want. I actually had last pick and took a bag of junk because the word was in it. Since then it has been sitting on my shelf as I stare at it and now I know why. We'll see what it means for me as the year continues. For now, it means I have too much stuff in my basement and need to continue organizing, cleaning and donating!


  1. That's a great one little word! And very cool that you have it up there on the shelf to remind you! ;-) Mine is "brave". We shall see!

  2. Well look at you back and inspiring me already. I love this post. I had one thought Simplify means more than getting rid of stuff. You go girl! Enjoy that day off.
    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. You are so sweet.

  3. Great word! I finally decided on mine (been thinking about it for over a week!) It's discipline. I used to be totally tied to to-do lists and then let the pendulum swing wayyyy to the other side. Now I would like some balance...discipline covered in Grace :)

  4. Very good word! It will be fun to see how your year goes. I absolutely KNOW there's too much stuff in my basement! lol... Glad to see you back out here, Caryl - I love it when you get snow days!

  5. I never gave it much thought until this year too. Glad you have your word!! Word.


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