Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Memory Book

For Christmas my mom got me this cool 5 year memory book. You just write one line a day each day and when a new year hits, go back to the beginning and repeat. Its like a super simplified version of Project 365, minus pictures. I guess its really not like it at all then!

Of course, on snow days like today when I enjoy my day off by lounging in pjs and only go out to shovel, there isn't much to write...

I still haven't been motivated to head to the basement and create anything with paper in awhile. Perhaps because it is a cold, dungeon-like place. Or because it is a disorganized mess. And now that my mom has a beautiful sewing room (check it out!) I am just too overwhelmed to work on my crafty space. My masters classes start back up in a week so I won't even have time anyway!



  1. Your mom is very thoughtful! That is a gift that will last a long, long time! Glad you enjoyed your snow day - I'm hearing 6-8" here on Weds. night and Thurs. morning...ugh!

  2. We'll get to your room. You need to start collecting inspiration ideas so we can shop and create a fabulous Doodles work space.

  3. Your mom's room is amazing. Your day will come. One big jump at a time. Your masters is a big jump and so important to you, your future and the students you teach. Maybe once a month sit in your mom's room and just think. Something will come.

  4. What a cool idea. Such a great way to look back without having to scan through the book.

    I know what you mean about winter making you feel less creative. I've been the same way. The snow and grey skies have been bringing me down making me uninterested in much of anything except sleeping and watching tv.


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