Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simple Thank Yous

Today is another snowy day here in NH and I'm enjoying the chance to catch up on visiting a few blogs today. Luckily my husband didn't have to go to work either so I will have help with snow removal when we venture out in a few hours. I'm just not too sure where the snow will go...

Until this past weekend I hadn't made a card in a LONG time. Actually since August I hadn't made a card. It could be the messy (and cold) craft space, or my masters class, lack of inspiration (doubtful with all the lovely blogs) or just sheer procrastination. My guess is that i was given a job to do. So procrastination it is.

This summer I was in Pennsylvania with my father and upon seeing two cards I made (thank yous from my stash) a family member asked if she could commission me to make some cards. Just thank you cards, 50 of them. I must have been tired from the 8 hour drive and agreed. Actually my dad's cousin could probably talk my cat into doing the dishes. Or it was the cash she forced into my hand that I promised myself I could spend on stamp supplies after finishing the job. Either way, the cash disappeared when my husband had the chance to go to a Red Sox/Yankee game in the fall and I was given a very loose deadline: "When you have time, even if you don't finish them until the family reunion in June, that's fine."

So here we are in a new year where my goal is to simplify. Agreeing to make cards for money is now the last thing I will ever agree to do again. Getting the job done and off my mind is job number one. This weekend I at least put a dent in the job by making the first 10 cards, 5 each of a similar style.

I have another design in mind and I'm headed to the basement to gather supplies and make 10 more cards. At this rate I will at least be done before the snow melts. It probably won't melt until June based on the size of the piles...



  1. Lovely cards, as usual! Nice to have a snow day, and with Jake home too.

  2. Great cards! You're good at completing a task once you get started so now that you've started I'm sure you'll be done in no time.

  3. These are beautiful, Caryl! I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to baseball season! We're going down in March to Florida for spring training...wahoo! I'll think of you! Love your cards, dear friend!

  4. Oh these are so pretty. I love the splash of color. I have to try one.
    I love your new picture. It looks like you have lost that weight you wanted to loose.
    Were are your first grade Valentines?


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