Thursday, January 1, 2009

New me?

Well when I started this crazy blog I thought I'd be inspired to share my creativity. Instead I'm overwhelmed by how wonderful everyone else's blogs are and I seem to spending more time looking for inspiration, than creating.

I'm bad at resolutions...I say I'll be a more regular gym go-er each December and never get there. This year I started that fad a month early and managed to get to the gym TEN TIMES! So now that 2009 is here, I got my craft area cleaned up earlier this week and I hope to spend at least once a week creating. Which also means at least once a week sharing something here! The only problem with my space is that it is in the basement and I love spending my free time with my hubby. I suppose as his basketball schedule gets busier I can manage to break away and make some cards.

Wish me luck! May your new year be filled with blessings, and good luck with your resolutions!


  1. Good job doodles! I'll make a post and suggest everyone come visit.

  2. Welcome to blogland Caryl. I am lucky enough to own a card that you made. I won a give away on you Mom's blog. In my beautiful package was a card made by you. I will put you on my feeds and I will be back. Have fun.


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