Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blog Candy Winner!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day, as I enjoyed dinner and a (rented) movie. We tried to go to the movies, but Grand Torino was (still!) sold out and there wasn't anything else at a good time we were interested in. Then we decided on dinner and the wait at Longhorn was TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! Who would wait that long? We ended up at TGIFridays sitting at the bar, and managed food and beer for $30. Not too bad I'd say!

I actually did not get ANY homemade valentines which was sad. Everyone had their store bought ones and candy to go with it. I did get a beautiful white chocolate box filled with little chocolates. And a cute little boy said "I have a valentine for you" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. So I guess that counts as two homemade ones! Thanks for playing along!
Onto the blog candy winner, as decided by .......


curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...
I think 20 and you'll deserve them all!! I hope so anyway. i'm in the UK and we're not very big on it here but I am aware you in the US love your holidays and I really hope you get at least 20 if not more!!

Send me your info and I'll get the blog candy in the mail to you!

I'm off to the gym and then I need to clean the mother stopped by and told me she didn't raise me to have such a messy basement. It's more of a gathering area, so I'll gather it neatly today and tomorrow!

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  1. You inspired your father. He has been furiously cleaning up today and he said that seeing your basement inspired him to never let any part of our house get like that! He has visions of his brother's basement I think.


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