Monday, February 16, 2009

Mail Call!

In college I worked in the mailroom (thanks to my dad making me apply before unpacking) and I learned how happy mail makes people. Especially anyone in college. There's nothing worse than an empty mailbox, and no day is better than when you have a slip telling you there's a package!!! Melky, my cat, thinks there's nothing better than sitting in the sun...even if you have to be in a picture!

In cleaning my basement I came across this box that I got at Joanne's from the $1 bin. I didn't know what I would use it for but who cares, it's a buck. This is partly how my basement has become the way it is.... I've been meaning to send my cousin Anna, a freshman in college, something fun for a care package. Instant inspiration!

At home her room is pink, pink, pink so I figured I'd go with it from there. I just wanted it to be bright and cheery, so I stuck with bold brights paper from SU! I also can't look at ribbon in the store without buying it, so I made use of this very cute argile like ribbon that's been waiting patiently for a turn.

I originally started to make this card for the Mojo Monday sketch, but the card had a mind of it's own. No stamping, just ribbon, paper, a fun felt piece an rub-ons from Making Memories. Even though Mary says you don't need to stay true to the sketch, I'm not good at wandering off the beaten path! I made a different card for today's sketch. Anyway, I filled the box with some fun stuff (note pad, keychain, gum) and some useful stuff (sewing kit, lint brush), and of course some chocolate! Hope you enjoy your mail, Anna!
And now I'll attempt to get back to the basement, but I'm sure some other project will distract I the only one with that problem?


  1. It's so cute - I'm sure she'll love it! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who buys things from the dollar bin for "one day...." :)

  2. Well, who wouldn't love to get this in the mail - it's so cute!

  3. That is so true...about our little care packages and mail in college:) Anna is sure to love this sweet bundle!

  4. This is a fun and brightly colored box. Sure to cheer up a college girl away from home.

  5. I absolutely LOVED getting things in the mail at college! What an awesome idea!

  6. That box is just AWESOME!! The card is also super cute. Great job on the sketch. :)


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