Friday, July 31, 2009

Heirloom Party

Marie is hosting a fabulous party today... the Heirloom Party. I'm looking foward to seeing the different things people share that they treasure. I'm sure my mom will be sharing something too since she's the one who helped me develop a special place in my heart for these pieces with history.

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary so it seems fitting to share a heirloom that I wear everyday.

Though my engagement ring isn't my heirloom, the center diamond is. It was my grandmother's (my mother's mother) and it sat in the safe deposit box at the bank until my then boyfriend asked my parents for my hand in marriage (how old fashioned, I love it!). Though I told my husband I only wanted the solitaire diamond in a new setting he picked out this setting on his own that suits the WWII diamond so well. I've never seen another like it! My brother asked one time why it was left to me and not him (he's 3 years older) and the answer made sense--in case of a divorce the diamond is guaranteed to stay in the family. It's not a giant stone or a perfect one, but I know that it was special to my grandparents and their near 50 year marriage, so it's special to me.

I also wanted to share a piece that was supposed to be left to me, but was given to me early. This was my great-great-aunt Greta's china cabinet. I began writing her letters in 1999 when I discovered how sad an empty mailbox is. I got to know her very well and made the drive from NH to PA at least once a year with my dad and a few other relatives. As she approached the age of 100 she asked me if it was something I would like when she passed. I loved it, my mother having one just like it. Aunt Greta will be 106 in one month and this is something that I was given early, since it was in storage. I've been filling it with yard sale finds, china and tea cups from my mother and other things here and there.

The cabinet is from the Larkin Soap company (a good article about the company here) and I believe a few of Greta's older brothers got it as a gift for her parents, in the early 1900's I think. I'm not sure how she ended up with it--perhaps because she's the youngest of her siblings--but it's a beautiful piece, and a piece of history too.

I hope you'll head over to the party and see what everyone else is sharing today. I'll see you tomorrow for my Unscripted Sketch!



  1. 106 years old?! Wow! Beautiful cabinet. Looks like it was well-cared for too!

  2. Happy Anniversary Caryl! Your blog brought tears to my eyes. I love the diamond and the cabinet. You and I have a lot in common. My house is full of family heirloom. My husband wants to retire to our tiny cabin and I don't know where I will put it all but I wont get rid of it. I might post the very special ring my mother left me. It was my dad's grandmother's. I have this mother's childhood tea set.It is not complete but it is darling. Well my tea set from when I was little is an antique now but I don't have a daughter to leave it to. Maybe a niece will want it.
    I wish you and your hubby a very happy day and many more to come.

  3. The diamond ring is such a treasure - what a sense of history you have every time you look at your finger! And that cabinet is beautiful! Lucky you!

  4. How wonderful that you still have a relative that's old enough to tell you the history of your family and such. 106 years of things most people will never know... wow! The cabinet is beautiful :)

    Your ring is gorgeous too! Happy Anniversary!


  5. Happy Anniversary!! Your blog was so sweet! My husband asked my parents too! I loved it. I was supposed to go into another room, but I stayed in the hall and listened to everything they said. LOL

    Your ring is gorgeous and it is a beautiful story. The cabinet is also a very touching story.


    (real name's Hollie, btw!) :)

  6. wow your engagement ring is superb!!..your great aunt Greta's crystal cabinet is very special..she's 106 that's amazing!!

  7. Hello Caryl - thank you for joining the party! Wishing you a very happy Anniversary! Thank you for spending part of your day with us. Your engagement ring is stunning. I love the setting your hubby chose. It's perfect for the stone. And your china cabinet is beautiful! How fun for you to continue to fill it with special pieces.


  8. Caryl, Happy Anniversary!! I love your Heirlooms!! The diamond is so beautiful as is the china cabinet!!!

  9. I am enjoying seeing everyone's heirlooms and the stories that go along with them.

  10. Wow!! Happy Anniversary! I love the cabinet and the story behind it! And a HUGE birthday wish to your aunt! 106...amazing! Do you think she would think it was weird to receive a birthday card from a stranger? I would love to send her something to REALLY fill up her box! Let me know....

  11. I enjoyed reading the story of both your ring and your cabinet. Such lovely memories and beautiful treasures. Happy 4th anniversary!

  12. How cool! What an interesting way to share your memories with us! I know you won't be able to read these until you're back from Maine, but I hope you had fun and did some cross-stitching! I just finished a quick little project myself--I am quite proud that I actually buckled down and did one! Now I just have to frame it!----before Christmas!


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