Friday, August 7, 2009

Home from Maine

I'm back from Maine (we were on the coast near Rockland for those who were wondering) and fully recharged from all that r&r. No internet, not even a cell phone signal. My dad and I completed 2 puzzles in our 4 nights there and my mom and I found some seaglass and had fun antiquing too. She's posted a few pics of our trip here.

I had many nice surprises waiting for me in blogland when I got back. Lisa from Life According to Lisa gave me this sweet award:
Hollie over at Momiji's Madness left me this award too (and so did Tasha at Tasha's Design World):

Thanks so much to both of you!!! I'm feeling the love. Go visit their blogs when you get a chance, they're daily stops for me and are all great gals. I know I'm supposed to pick people but I had just shared the first award and everyone that I go to visit is beyond creative so if you haven't gotten either consider yourself awarded!!!!

On another note I also was the Jazz Cat of the Week over at Jazzy Inspirations for this card that I made.

I hope to have another card to share today (after pulling crabgrass with DH. blah!!!) but be sure to stop back tomorrow for my Jazzy Inspirations card and of course Unscripted Sketches Sketch it Saturday.



  1. Glad you got a bit of R & R up here in Maine....the way life should be! =) You were just a smidge north of me....we love to head up to Rockland/Camden. And I used to go to a scrapbooking weekend at the Samoset but it's now in Freeport. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. congrats on card of the week.. thats fabulous

  3. So glad you got away before starting back to school! Enjoy that time with your folks too whenever you can get it! Parents and R and R are priceless!


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