Sunday, August 2, 2009


I'm off for a few days to wonderful Maine! I stole this picture from my mom just to give you a glimpse of the view I'll be enjoying.

No internet (no computer actually), so I'll have lots of time to work on puzzles, read and get back to some cross stitching or crocheting. In the front yard we may even play a bit of badmitton or croquet.

And because I'm not ashamed of my bathing suit I'll even share a picture from a past summer in Maine.....

Hahaha! I think that was the summer before fourth grade. I'm holding Fred the Fighting Fish who needed to be brought back home because he fought so hard he hurt himself. That summer I was the fishing queen--I caught 8 while my older brother only caught 3. Yeah! No fishing this year, just enjoying that view!



  1. Aaaa!! I'm so jealous! That view is awesome!! Hope you all have a great trip. Be Safe!

    We'll miss you on here!


  2. I know you're gone but have a good time! BR-T

  3. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful view, and your family. We'll miss you and can't wait to see photo's of your trip! Safe journeys...

  4. That's just lovely! I'm so jealous. I love being on the lake.

    What a cutie you were in your rainbow bikini!


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