Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A few things to share....

I really should be doing ANYTHING else right now. Like the dishes, or the bills, or putting the laundry in the dryer. Also planning for school. But I've missed the computer and there's no one home to bug me so I'm playing hookey from domestic duties, shhhhh, don't tell! On to all that I have to share

Did you know that Saturday is World Card Making Day? So cool, wish I had taken if off from work so I could just make cards all day. I'll have to settle for the second half. But stop by Unscripted Sketches at 8am for a fun blog hop for the big day! If you like cards and maybe a bit of candy you don't want to miss it. I'll be sure to share something ;-)

Saturday is also my best friend's 1 year anniversary. A few weeks ago I made a card for the occassion inspired by her invitations I made. I just realized I never shared it. Here is is and happy anniversary Laurie and Jeremy!

I can't even tell you how long it took us to figure out how to print in the info onto the vellum. (The leaf image is behind on the green cardstock.) We tried every setting the computer would allow. Turns out we had to print the info on paper, put it in the scanner and make a copy. How would I know that??? Sheer luck!

And for all the wonderful comments about my new watermark, give all kudos to Jeryn who made it for me. Figuring out how to actually get it on there was the miracle which I hope to duplicate on Saturday. I was also directed to a couple good tutorials on defining a brush, and using a brush.

Have a fabulous rest of the week, and I'll be sure to see you back here Saturday for the Unscripted Sketches World Card Making Day Blog Hop! (That's a mouthful!)



  1. Glad you decided that we were more fun than paying bills or cleaning toilets! Lol... Glad to see you out here kiddo - take card! CYA on Saturday!

  2. Good for you taking time for you. All the other stuff will fall into place and get done quickly after you take care of yourself first. I'm still working on that one myself. I didn't get home until 7:00pm tonight. I am getting ready for a sub on Friday. My hubby is having shoulder surgery. It takes three days to get stuff ready for a sub for one day.
    I love your card. The leaf is wonderful.

  3. There is always housework waiting but never enough time to just relax and visit your favorite blogs.

  4. What a clever idea for printing on vellum.


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