Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas tags

I've been holed up at home all week (except for the morning I THOUGHT I was healthy) and have hardly anything creative to show for it. Just a couch that forever has the indentation of my sick, napping body. I did manage to make some Christmas tags from my aunt's RAK last night, mainly because it required a bit of glue and not much energy.
Some of these definitely will be adorning presents under the tree and homemade goodies, but I think I'll use some of them for Christmas cards. I just love the sparkle and hate for it to be thrown out with the wrap! But that is a project for another day because I'm wiped out and need to get some rest. I'm attempting to go to school tomorrow, knowing I have the weekend to recover. Be sure to come back Saturday for a fun Unscripted Sketch!

PS-How about them Yankees!!!!! 27 world championships now, more than any other sport franchise EVER!


  1. YAY YANKEES!!!!! wooooo hoooooo!

    omword! these tags are absolutely gorgeous. i love all that sparkle. wow!

    hope you feel better real soon.


  2. Caryl it got you too! I am so sorry to hear you are sick. It feels so good to feel good again. My hands are raw from washing them so much. Now if I can get the kids to do it we all would stay healthy.
    I love your tags. I didn't get that set. LeAnne used this set on her blog today too. I love how you did the snowmen with the glitter. How did you do that? It looks like they are in a snow globe. And you camera pick it up. When I use glitter it doesn't show up in the photo.
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Maybe you have the Yankees are keeping me up to late illness. Hee Hee. My husband does. It is going to take him a week to catch up on his sleep.
    Really I hope you are well soon.

  3. love the tags, love the sparkle :D

  4. Hey you! Wahoo girl - how bout those Yanks!?! So sorry to hear that you are still feeling bad. You have really had a bad bout. I've been thinking about you, and sure hope that you get some rest this weekend, and get better soon. We miss you when you're not out here in blogland smiling at us! Big hugs...

  5. You gotta get better Caryl! LOVE your tags they are SO pretty. The glitter is really sparkley. Are they punches? I am loving the shapes.

  6. Beautiful tags! Hope your feeling better soon. Take care!

  7. Aw, sorry you were under the weather, but look at the fun stuff you got! And the Yankees won, aren't you thrilled????!!! Hope you are feeling better, kiddo! Rest & recuperate!

  8. Sorry you haven't been well. Hope you're better now.

    These are great tags and I love the amount of sparkle you added to them.

    Ok... enough about your Yankees... :-)


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