Thursday, April 8, 2010

Curious Thank You

What a week it has been, is it Saturday yet? I'm not even wishing it was Friday, I'm jumping straight to Saturday!

I made a few simple thank you's to go with my nephew's invitations. I kept them simple since I don't have tons of time, and also because I don't know that the people that get them care about all my layers!

The set of Curious George stamps I got is an old set, but I bought them on e-bay and they were never used. However, I understand why they were never used...the largest stamp is maybe 3/4 of in inch tall. If I had time to recreate pictures from the book that would be one thing...but I don't. So I saw this stamp and figured George could be paining the wall with his message of thanks. I used a ruler and pen to create the illusion of a wall and threw the letters on with markers. Perhaps I should've added a drip or two in there?

That's all for me tonight...but Linda is having a celebration so be sure to head over and check it out. More candy to come when she gets more followers!!!



  1. How fun that your thank yous coordinate with your invites. I feel the same way about making cards like this. No point going to lots of extra effort or expense (with supplies) for people who probably wouldn't appreciate it.

  2. You are so creative! What a great idea to think of the lines to make a corner and "paint" the wall. This is fantastic!
    Thanks so much for posting my celebration. Tomorrow is the retirement dinner. I hope I don't cry.


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