Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CPS Sketch

I had a chance to make a quick Mothers Day card on Sunday for DH's grandmother who ended up joining us for dinner. She lives in NY and we don't usually get to see her, so that was a treat.

I used the CPS sketch for this, and the PPA inspiration even though I didnt' have time to post it before that challenge closed. Tonight we're off again to meet MIL and her mom for dinner while Grammy is here for the week. Yay for dinner that I don't have to cook!!!!



  1. Gorgeous Caryl! I'm sure she loved it... It's almost summer break! I'm so excited that you'll be posting regularly again! Miss you terribly!

  2. Very pretty card. Did you see the big canoe on my blog. You have to check it out. The class and I went for a ride. Tomorrow the staff is having a retirement dinner for me. I just hope I don't cry. I have 10 teaching days left. I just can't believe it.

  3. Cute, love how you used that CPS sketch.

  4. Wonderful job on your card! Thanks for joining us at CPS this week!


  5. What a lovely Mother's Day card Caryl! Beth


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