Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Designer Spotlight

Good morning! Welcome to Unscripted Sketches Christmas in July. Today is another Designer Spotlight day and it's shining right on me! The holidays are so hectic both at school (I teach first grade) and with trying to fit everything in with my family and traveling to see the inlaws, so I try to plan ahead a bit. It just doesn't always work! This year I'll also be going to Grad school so I really need to plan ahead.

One thing I make sure to do, is thank those people who are always helping me out during the year, like coworkers, classroom volunteers, family and friends. A sweet treat can be so much more special with a bit of special packaging, which is what I'm showing off today.

I found this sweet mini paint can at Michaels for a couple bucks and was able to dress it up simply, but elegantly with some SU Christmas dsp and ribbon. I added a tag (with to/from on the back) and put the santa hat on to make it a bit more festive. I couldn't leave the top bare either:
I'm not sure what will go in this, but that's the great part of planning ahead. I almost baked cookies just for the sake of photos but it's been HOT here for two weeks, and if I bake them I will eat them. I've been good about exercising and losing weight so I don't want to do that! These can be filled with candy, cookies or even tiny gifts. We'll see when the time comes.
I didn't want to just show off packaging that I spent money to buy before decorating. Luckily I save EVERYTHING just incase. You really can use just about anything.
This jar has been with me for many years. I think it came with a Christmas cross stitch kit from a former coworker who taught me to crochet and knew my love of crafts. So the hat came with it too! I just added a tag and I can either fill it with something yummy or add ingredients for a friend to make their own something yummy...festive pot holder and all!

At school we do a Secret Santa every year (for those who want to participate) and I have not yet met a recipient that didn't list CHOCOLATE as something they like. This funky little test tube will look great filled with some M&Ms (red and green of course). I kept it from a watch my father-in-law brought back for me from a trip in the Carribean. I knew I could use it eventually!

And while I'm sure I could spend a week going through the basement and finding things I've kept "just incase" I wanted to make a few simple tags for last minute things. This may go on a plate of cookies, a candle, or a bag of candy. The perfect size (2 1/4 x 3) to go on something small:

They are all together with my Christmas decorations now so I should be all set come December 1st. Now just what should I fill them with? Leave me a comment with an idea or what you traditionally give as little thank you gifts.



  1. Hi Caryl! I love it when you are in the spotlight! Wowzers - what wonderful creations! Okay, so the pail just HAS to have cookies in it!!! I think the jar would look so pretty with peppermint bark covered pretzels filling the inside, and the little test tube must have red and green m and m's! Lol... I can see them in my mind already full :) Love your card too, sweetie - great job on everything! Hugs!!!

  2. Wow, these are all beautiful! I love that you managed to reuse some old containers too, because it makes each one unique. These are going to be well received no matter what you decide to fill them with!

  3. What fun, decorated containers. I'm sure the recipients will be as excited to get those as the gifts in them.

    That's great that you are going to grad school.

  4. You so belong in the Spotlight these ideas are fantastic! Beth

  5. Hi Caryl, I think mints. They are good for after you eat all the bad stuff. LOL I love your projects. I was here to tell you I love this weeks US card. The baby card is wonderful. I love that little pink hand.


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