Saturday, March 19, 2011

Books are...

I recently joined in on a bookmark swap thanks to Patti who got me creating a project again. I had visions of what I wanted to do, but never really a plan. Finally I sat down and just made them. Here is the result:

Some had the pink ribbon, others had the saffron, just because of how much I had. It was nice to use up beautiful ribbon that I'd been saving for a special project.

I gave this one to a friend when I returned a book she loaned me:

After reading Three Cups of Tea and then this book, Stones into Schools I am so intrigued by Greg Mortenson. It is amazing what one person can do. It also makes me look at the students in my class in a new light. They don't realize all that they have in their classroom, and how some children WISH they could go to school.


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