Thursday, January 22, 2009

All God's Children

I bought the SU stamp set 'All God's Children' when I was teaching first grade at a Catholic school. I used one of the stamps to make welcome cards for kids last year, and another with a baby Jesus to make a few last minute Christmas cards this year. Other than that they were untouched! At the end of last year I left the school, for a variety of reasons, but mostly because my dream job opened up and miraculously I landed it! I now teach first grade at my elementary school, where I took over for my first grade teacher. Big shoes to fill, but I think I'm hanging in there!

Last year when I left my small, closeknit school community I promised my students that I would write if they wrote me. Partly because I would miss them, partly because I still remember when my 4th grade teacher sent me a post card, but I also love mail! Over the summer a few wrote, and I wrote back but it died off. However, I had twins, a boy and a girl, who were also leaving the school and they've been faithful writers. So once our Christmas cards came and went I knew I needed a special card to remind them I was thinking of them. I remember this being the point in the year when they were taking off as readers, and wondered what they were learning about now.
I hope they'll enjoy receiving them as much as I enjoyed creating them!


  1. How sweet! I own far too many SU sets. I stopped buying them when the storage bin began to overflow. My sister teaches 1st grade and started in a catholic school. My niece teaches 1st grade, too, and took over her mother's classroom when she retired. They have very different styles, so it was an interesting transfer of power.

  2. These are super adorable. I like both images and how you stamped the background panels

  3. What beautiful cards and for such a great reason. God Bless you on your teaching endeavors.


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