Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snowy day, Snowy cards

Well my mom was kind enough to pick up my camera and requested a card. She also got me the Sizzix Big Kick for Christmas and I love the embossing plates. These snowflakes were perfect to play with since I have another day off from school today. SNOW DAY! Don't be too jealous, I do have to make them up in June. I kept it simple to keep the focus on the embossed snowflakes.

I'm still working on my camera skills for taking pictures of cards, so hopefully in the future details will POP.

For now it may be gym time, or shoveling time. Either way the tree still needs to come down. It's always a sad day when I take my tree down (artificial of course), which is why it is still up. And it's a big job! I also need to write my thank yous from Christmas so these cards will be put to good use. If I find time to make some more cards later I'll be sure to share.


  1. Hi Caryl
    I followed the link from your Mum's blog :-) Welcome to blogging! Your hand crafted cards are wonderful. I love the embossed snowflakes. What pretty Thank You cards to send out.

  2. Beautiful card as usual Doodles! If we keep having snow days you'll be in school still on the 4th of July with all those cranky, hot first graders. And believe it or not I had a snow day too! The world must be ending if I get a snow day.

  3. Very pretty - I just love the snowflakes. Wish we would see a few real ones here in SC - but just a few.


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