Monday, January 12, 2009

Some cards to share!

Well with my husband at basketball practice (He coaches HS with his brother) I escaped to the basement and stamped up a storm. While I don't have a radio or tv down there I found that my with my ipod at full volume--not in my ears, set on the table so I could move around--I had some good tunes that kept me going. I'll invest in some small plug in speakers for them, but only once I get the mess cleaned up. I could've made more cards or made the same in a shorter time if I didn't keep losing things!

My great-aunt had recently asked me to pick up a selection of cards for her, since she doesn't get to the card store often. I thought homemade cards would be that much better so these are a couple I worked on this weekend and this evening.

The beginning of the saying is a letter M-a fun brad that gave the card a little extra something. I have no clue where the saying came from. I went through a Mod Podge phase in college and was planning on doing something with sayings/quotes/fortunes. I've got plenty to use on cards since they never got plastered on anything.

I'll save my other creations for later in the week--who knows when I'll get time to stamp again!


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