Thursday, October 29, 2009

5 things I would rather be doing right now

1. Sleeping: I know you west coast people may like the world series, but wouldn't you like it to start earlier so you can watch something else after?

2. Making cards, gifts, or anything really: Oh how I miss my creative time......

3. Watch some shows and movies on my DVR. DVR is the best invention since sliced bread. (I stole Jeryn's can I say it better?)

4. Watching the game with someone...sports aren't as exciting when you're along. Get home honey!

5. Hanging with the two cutest guys I know, my nephews! Granted they're in bed now, but if they're asleep I can be too. (See #1)

Name 5 things YOU would rather be doing right now.....



  1. i'd rather be scrapbooking, lounging on a beach, drinkin a margarita, on a cruise, or winning the lottery :D

  2. Hey Caryl! I left something for you on my blog today.


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