Sunday, October 25, 2009

What in the world....

...happened to my craft area????

Oh ya, I haven't sat down there in at least a month, I just grab stuff to go, drop stuff off and chaos ensues. I've taken a bit of time to clean it up, but it's not looking pretty yet.

That and it's in my cave of a basement (unfinished, and not especially heated now that we have a new furnace) so it isn't ideal. I want a space like Sarah's!

Enough whining though....I don't have anything of my own to share (except a mess) but you should check out Hollie's project over at Sketchy Thursday. I <3 Captain Jack Sparrow and I know you'll love her layout. You can vote for your favorite tonight and tomorrow, and you already know which one is my favorite!

I should have a card to share this week, so I'm off to work on it with hopes of the mojo flowing.



  1. You are sooo funny!!! I only have that thanks to Dad. Otherwise it would all still be on a fold out table. Ummm that is a mess Caryl! How do you make anything? Come on over and hang out with me and we can craft together. :-)

  2. Guess what?! I love a crafty home full of crafty goodness! But, I do understand how it can get overwhelming at times. My spaces get to be a Mess as I'm always dragging crafty delights (aka supplies) out of my bedroom where my "craft wall" is and bringing them into the dining and living rooms to play. Seems I want to play where the action is (aka my family) and not squirrel away in my room. Then a locale in the living room grows, which Hubby calls (not so affectionately) "Stamp Camp" and back go the crafty delights....until I cannot wait any longer to bring them back out to play again! Hope you find a solution to the no heat problem and are able to craft away to your heart's delight! :>:>

  3. Mine looks like that sometimes too! You have an excuse - the Yankees have been playing ball, right??? lol. Looks like they are holding their own tonight!!! Good luck!

  4. Whoa!! I can see which trait you inherited from your father! I thought we were going to glam it up this past summer. Oh yeah, we were at the beach with our favorite boy. Seriously, if we painted it white it would look a whole lot better. And when I say we, I mean you and your hubby.


  5. Hi Caryl,
    I love that you posted your mess. What a brave girl. First you have to recognize it is a mess, which is what you have done. Hee Hee My room looks just like that a lot of the time. Wednesday night I get to go to a house were a "man" is suppose to have so many card and scrapbook making supplies that I won't believe it. I am hoping to get some ideas on how to organize or redo my room. I would like to move my space into a room with windows but it is a big open room that you walk through to get to other rooms. No Door to close! I just don't know if I could keep it clean enough. I agree, Sarah's room is fantastic. I think your room looks great for someone who teaches full time has another job and for goodness sakes the Yankees are in the WS!
    I love that your mom left you a comment and explained what "we" means. Too funny!

  6. I saw these photos and thought "Hey, when did Caryl sneak into my craft room and photograph my mess". Then I realized it couldn't be my room because mine is MUCH messier! I keep meaning to clean things up but I get less than 5 mintues into and end up finding some lost treasure and have to use it right away. I should post my mess too. Maybe it would embarras me into cleaning it up.

    Btw... congrats on your Yankees getting into the World Series. But you know I will be rooting for the Phillies :-)


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