Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm Unscripted

It's Saturday and it's time for Unscripted Sketches, but I'm taking the week off. So head over and see what everyone else has created for you and be sure to play along too!

Hopefully I can get my tree up today........falalalala!



  1. Wish you could of played with us, Caryl! But I understand needing a week off! :)
    Hope you get your decorating finished!

  2. We were hoping to do that today too, but then DH got his truck and trailer hung up so had to take the 4WD truck out to the shop to pull him out, so.... maybe tomorrow! Can't wait to see pictures of yours!

  3. Enjoy your time. Good luck with the tree!

  4. How does the tree look? I am not ready for a tree yet. Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Thanks for all of the nice comments and encouragement. I missed your card this week but I am happy you take time for yourself. You need it. I wanted to make a card tonight for Unscripted but I am too tired from my day at school. It is going to be a long week with a full moon and Christmas all around. Have a good one.


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