Saturday, December 5, 2009

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Good morning! Hard to believe it's December and though it's raining in NH right now, I did hear that dreaded four letter word for tomorrow....SNOW! While I love the look, I'm not a fan of clearing the driveway. We'll see if the weatherman was actually right on this. It is nice to have a white Christmas.....

But the good thing about snow is being trapped inside and taking time to create. This week's Unscripted Sketch is one I'll be using again, and hopefully you'll play along too. Here's my card:

(I know you're humming the song now...go ahead, it's a favorite of mine!)
I haven't had much time to do anything creative lately and didn't get anything made in time for the dt cutoff, but forced myself to take 10 minutes and make a card with this sketch. My way of coping with life, and I need a few more Christmas cards.

Last night we had to say goodbye to our wonderful cat, Melky. Though I'm heartbroken and know it will take a long time for my husband to cope with it, I know we did the right thing and he's not in any pain now. The vet told us a year and a half ago that he may only live for another few months and we had much longer to love him and spoil him. We saved him from the shelter three years ago and I know that the time he spent with us was a good life for him. I know he's smiling down on us now, playing with as much yarn and ribbon as he wants. I'm sure I'll put Melky back on the blog someday, but for now I thought I'd showcase some decorations. Hopefully I'll have pictures of the tree to share later too!

Hope you find some time to play along with us at Unscripted Sketches this week. Be sure to squeeze your furry friends and give them a kiss too!



  1. Adorable! Love the stitching!

  2. oh i love these colors! and that layout is super. and the whole card is awesome.


  3. (((((((Caryl))))))))) I am SO sorry about your kitty!!! It is SO hard to loose a pet. (We have 3 cats) Hang in there ...hope your hubby is doing ok.
    On a lighter note I LOVE your card. Great colors.

  4. Great, classic colors on this Christmas card. The stitching is a nice detail.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Melky. I've been through that so many times myself. The decision is never easy.

  5. I am so sorry about Melky. I know they say, "Time heals all wounds" but why does it take so much time to heal? Try and think about the good times.

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Melky. :( Losing a pet is so hard. {{hugs}}

    Beautiful card!

  7. Caryl I didn't recognize you in your Santa hat! Too cute!!!
    I am so very sorry to hear about your Melky. I am sure he is looking down and sending you love and thanks for the love you gave him.
    I love your Noel. Those old angels are my favorite. I have a birthday one.
    We are suppose to get 11 inches of snow tomorrow. Our drive way is like a landing field. I just got done shoveling the 2 inches we got today. I am not looking forward to that but maybe a snow day. That could be nice.


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