Wednesday, December 9, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Oh happy SNOW DAY! This is the view outside of my kitchen window right now as I'm cozy in my pj's, drinking coffee inside:

I'm actually excited for clearing the driveway too, because my wonderful father helped me get the snowblower up and running. The snow is coming down about an inch an hour right now, so I'm letting it gather a bit, but there will be a change over to rain so I need to get out in a couple hours before it's too heavy for the snowblower.

I realize I do need to make this day of school up in June but I'm a bit tired this month and need to finish decorating the house for Christmas. What a good excuse! Here's my tree that I put up right after Thanksgiving:

Yes it is huge as you see it crammed between the couch and chair. It's fake and prelit and everyone says it a bit large for the room, but we won't always live here and I've got a lot of ornaments too! Pretty full tree for only my 5th Christmas away from home. My mom lovingly packed up my ornament when I got married so I'd have all the ones I'd been given over the years, along with some of my favorites from childhood. Her tree this year is here. A bit more organized than mine but I love it.

The other day I got some wine corks from a friend who actually drinks it and made her this ornament for her tree:

She loved it, especially as her mother never let her decorate the tree as a child and has no ornaments of her own...I'm enabling her in adulthood! You can see some of my ornaments more closely in the background too: A Precious Moments ballerina (I danced until 6th grade), a stained glass angel to the right of that (my mom has given me one every year for almot 10 years now), a smocked bell by my grandmother in the bottom right corner, and crocheted snowflakes all over too. Who made those Mom? I also have candy canes all over (you can see one to the left of the ballerina) because I loved to dig them out of the shoebox as a kid and hang them all up.

For now I'm off to enjoy my day and hopefully make some well deserved cards too. I haven't made my Christmas cards, how bad is that???



  1. oh the snow! we only got wet and icy. but i love looking at snow. the fun thing about being retired - i don't have to go out in it!

    and your tree is absolutely gorgeous! it looks soooo real! and the ornaments are all fabulous. wow! i'm coming to your house for xmas - LOL.

    absolutely beautiful!


  2. Okay girl, what time is Christmas dinner? We'll all be there! Your tree looks so warm and welcoming! That's what ours is like too, FULL of ornaments. Some folks would look at them and wonder why I would want them on a tree - well...because my kids made them for me 20 or 30 years ago! lol! Your snowday sounds like fun, can't wait to see what you create today! I miss you when you have to work! Hugs...

  3. Oh what a beautiful tree sweetie! I am so like you and using ornaments of all types.I am saving most of our childrens so when they marry I can pass them on.Glad they aren't married yet so I get to enjoy them for awhile. Enjoy your day off.

  4. Your grandmother, Memere, crocheted the snowflakes. She did alot of them one year and had an all white tree which my father hated!

  5. Love your tree!!!! Enjoy your snow day...I am thinking ours may turn into a day or 3 LOL!!!

  6. Beautiful tree! I love what you did with those corks...cute idea.

  7. Your tree is beautiful. We haven't had a tree in decades.


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