Friday, December 11, 2009

The stockings were hung....

...on the china cabinet? Well I don't have a fireplace or mantel or any other flat surface for that matter!
My mom's aunt made everyone in the family these Santa stockings once upon a time. I was the last one to get one I believe. So when my brother and I got married my mom took her parents stockings and replaced their names with theirs. However, once my nephew came along I needed to make him a matching stocking! I found a pattern just like it, except for the Santa face, so I used my own stocking as a guide and surprised my brother and SIL with it the Christmas before he came. But now they have another son (who I knew was coming a YEAR ago) and yesterday I was busy knitting HIS stocking.....
Nothing like waiting until the last minute! See you tomorrow for another sketch from Unscripted Sketches. TGIF!



  1. OMG, you knit too??? Wowzers! You really ARE my hero! What a wonderful thing you are doing! TFS this part of you with us. And I have silly things on my china cabinet too! Actually the kids' stockings hang on the entertainment center, as the mantel holds the nativity, and I hate to mix Jesus and Santa in the same spot! Love your photo - thanks for sharing!

  2. wow! you actually KNIT the stocking! how fabulous!


  3. I am impressed that you KNIT the stockings, what a wonderful treasure to pull out each year.

  4. Oh my gosh..we have almost the same stockings!!! My hubbys mother knitted them with our names on. Santa faces and all!!! LOL.

  5. What great knitted stockings and family heirlooms at that. How nice of you to continue the tradtion for your nephew.


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