Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sew much to do

I've had a few comments on my new header so I thought I'd share a bit of where it came from. It's actually a photograph of a mess on my dining room table. A pile of fabric that I'll share more on later, some stamp stuff that I had out from making cards and my Singer sewing machine, compliments of my mom. It's such a handy machine. Just pop the cover on and it can be carried anywhere I want to sew. I took it out around Thanksgiving to make some bags (like this one) and my MIL and her sister loved them so much I figured I'd make some for my 4 friends and our late holiday celebration. When I went to JoAnn's to pick out fabric I discovered that I have the same fabric bug as my mom....I must have wandered up and down, picking up different designs, mixing and matching fabric for an hour. That's where the pile of fabric in the picture comes from.

As for my friends' bags, here's the two bags I finished....yes only 2, not 4:

I love pink (as you can tell from the new blog look) and I discovered some fun black, chocolate and teal fabrics to go along. For anyone keeping score as to my New Year's resolutions, Procrastination:1, Caryl:0. I bought the fabric ahead of time but somehow didn't start sewing the bags until the morning I was supposed to go out with my friends. No one ended up bringing gifts (sometimes we exchange, sometimes we don't and we never decide ahead) so it worked out okay that I ended up bringing nothing. And now I have these two bags ready for the next time I need a gift.

I also have the fabric cut out for the other bags so I hope they'll be finished by the end of the week. Then I can put the sewing machine away and maybe have a dining room table again. Plus, I have a fun Christmas gift to set up so I can sew a bit more often without making such a mess.....Mom, I'll call when you can come over to help! I'll share when it's ready, but no promises because procrastination always wins out.



  1. Your bags are so pretty, that fabric is so fun and colorful!!

  2. I like your new blog header. It shows the real you with the different crafts you do.

    When I was a quilter, I could spend hours at the fabric store. I also loved to mix patterns and colors. I'd buy way to much. Especially when I already had (and still have) so much at home.

    These are great tote bags. I really like the combo of patterns and the vibrant colors. Your friends are sure to love them - when you get them finished anyway.

  3. You know it's a disease, not a bug, and there is no cure for it as witnessed by the fabric flowing out of my sewing room closet! Why don't you just come steal cloth from me-for free! Love the bags and you must take after me because I love polka dots. Someday I'm going to make and all polka dot quilt.


  4. Such cute cute bags!! I love looking at (and buying) fabric too, it is almost more addicting than stamping/scrapbooking stuff!!

  5. I used to sew when the kids were younger. Like you, I didn't really have a place to put out my 'stuff' and leave it. You are so talented, Caryl! Lovin' those bags! I think we all like pink, don't you? Thanks for sharing the multitalented you with us! Hugs!

  6. Caryl you are so funny. I use to make dolls to sell and could get lost in the fabric store for hours. The bags are greats. I love your mom's comment about getting free fabric. Hey do you want my pattern for making a bag that hangs on the back of your student chair? It's pretty easy. I made it up. I make them every couple of years. I have the kids but their take-home folder and white boards in it. You can't put too much in it or the chair falls over when they get up. They are really handy. I try to get the fabric at Goodwill or somewhere cheep and I like to use denim. Just let me know.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  7. Those bags are AWESOME..I bet if you had an ETSY store you would sell a bunch!...Hey make some and I will post them on mine!!!
    I LOVE that sewing machine.

  8. Those bags really are stinking cute!

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.


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