Tuesday, March 16, 2010

9 good reasons....

...I've fallen off the face of the (blog) earth:

1.) Report cards...all you teachers out there understand!

2.) Making my nephew's birthday invites (check out last year's HERE)

3.) Need to finish a baby afghan for my friend's baby shower...which is on Sunday! Check out a similar one I made for my SIL.

4.) Hitting the gym! Remember that new year's resolution?

5.) Report card comments...see #1

6.) I joined Weight Watchers (down 5.6 the first week, tomorrow I'll find out if the second week was a success) and counting out how many crackers I can eat takes time!

7.) Cooking more meals=dishes, and you must know that I am the dishwasher. Eating healthy takes time!

8.) I didn't sign in to blogger for more than a week. I can't even imagine what my reader looks like. And I hate to miss everyone's creations.....when I get overwhelmed I put things off, then there's more to look at and I'm more overwhelmed. A vicious cycle! Today I'm putting my toe in the water, and by the weekend I'll jump back in.

9.) Have I mentioned REPORT CARDS????


PS--Parents, please note how much STRESS goes into each grade your 6 or 7 year old receives and treat their teacher with care. Thank them for all their hard work. And if it isn't what you'd like them to get, please remember this will NOT smash their chances of getting into Harvard or Yale. It's first grade!


  1. Wow, you have definitely been busy! Congrats on staying with your resolution. Just keep swimming! :)

  2. We miss you, but you are on a good track, don't give up. I need to go on WW too....you are inspiring me.
    Just hit that "read all" button on the Reader and start anew! We understand!

  3. I definetly know how much time all goes in....
    Hope it slows down for you

  4. You and me both Girlie!!!! No worries

  5. Loved your post. I love the comment about Harvard or Yale! LOL I have PT conferences this quarter. Next week! We do report cards second and last quarter.
    I'm a WW life member and I am a lb. over my goal. I freak when this happens but right now I just am having a hard time being careful. I am so tired and I think eating will wake me up but it doesn't. Stick with it it really does work. You are right eating healthy takes time! I miss your work but it was great to know you are taking care of you.


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