Sunday, April 25, 2010


Bella, my birthday kitty!

We've missed the pitterpatter of kitty paws around here for the past four months and with me home this week for vacation it seemed the perfect time to take a furry friend home from the shelter. She called out to me from the moment I stepped into the cat room and has made herself right at home, but doesn't sit still long for a photo shoot. So these pictures were taken while playing with the wire, a favorite toy. Bella's about 6 months old (she was a stray, so it's an estimate) and seems to be doing well for her first weekend home.
Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday (did you leave a comment for blog candy yet?). As Susan remembered, today was my husband's birthday and he was lucky enough to have it off. We had a lazy day at home with Bella, and the three of us watched some baseball. Too bad the Yankees didnt' win one for him today!

I wanted to share a few beautiful cards I got to make my birthday that much more special.
This first one is from Steph, even more beautiful than my photography skills can capture.

This card came from my Aunt Karen in NM, and since I have this stamp I may need to CASE the design and layout. Never thought to seperate the balloons from the sentiment!

She also included this adorable set of mini cards as well. So cute!!! But that's not all, turn the bag around and......

The stamp is included so I can make some too! I'm excited to break this out, just had to capture it in photo first. I'm planning on coming back tomorrow with something crafty....we'll see!



  1. That set of mini cards is so cute! You're a lucky girl.

  2. Welcome Bella! She is adorable. Happy birthday again!!

  3. OMW, what a bad friend I am! Happy birthday! CUTE kitty and cute cards, too!

  4. Your Bella is adorable! I'm sure she will bring you many years of love and fun. What a great bday present for your both.

    What nice cards you received. I especially like the cat cards (of course) and what fun that you got a stamp too.

  5. Aaawww what a cute little kitty!! And gorgeous cards, I love the mini card set!! What a great gift idea!!


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