Saturday, May 1, 2010

Unscripted NSD

Happy Saturday morning! It's not an overly happy one for me because my vacation is over and I'm headed back to school on Monday. I'm not ready!!! But I guess I need to just look on the bright side that we only have 35 days of school left....LONG days!

Today is National Scrapbooking Day so for this week's Unscripted Sketch I did a layout. Will I ever finish this scrapbook? I hope so because my friend's baby is due tomorrow and I hoped to have it to her before the baby came. Maybe before the kid's first birthday at this rate!

My favorite part of this is the bow that matches the bride's dress. I'm not overly pleased with the rest but that's probably why I've been avoiding scrapbooking. Any tips on just jumping back into it? I can use all the help that you have to share.

For now, head over to Unscripted Sketches to play along and see what other inspiration the DT provided you with.....



  1. Caryl, This is great! The Pink Stamper has a bunch of challenges and videos if you need something to jump start you. I think your page is great.

  2. This is a terrific layout Caryl, I find it really hard to scrap others memories so you are a step ahead of me! Beth

  3. I think this is a very nice page and you are making progress with your album even if it's slow.

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  5. This is just adorable I lvoe it.


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