Thursday, August 26, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation....

1. Not blogging :-( because I just don't seem to have time!
2. Painting walls
3. Painting trim
4. A week in Cape Cod! (too bad DH was sick for 5 days)
5. Getting burnt in Cape Cod...not as fun
6. Painting the porch
7. 3 days in Maine with my parents
8. Gym
9. Gym
10. Gym (did I mention I'm down 32 pounds!!!)
11. I resigned from Unscripted Sketches, see #1
12. Painting some you see a pattern?
13. Cross stitching a bit (hope to share a picture soon)
14. Crocheting granny squares for a baby blanket. The shower is in two weeks so I better have a picture even sooner!
15. A bit more painting

So as you can see I've been MIA from the blog for many reasons. The biggest was the computer just didn't want me to blog. Many crashes, no viruses and finally I had to give in and buy a new one. I love it, but my checking account doesn't! As for the painting, we own a 2 family and rent out the upstairs apartment. After a stressful spring getting our deadbeat tenant evicted, I had to make it look good again. As I type the new tenants are moving in which is great in an economy with FOR RENT signs on every corner.

For now, school starts Monday, and the week after I start taking classes myself. I'm going back for my Masters of Ed with a literacy concentration and hoping to juggle that along with anything else. Even though I resigned as DT I'll still be playing along with Unscripted Sketches when I can. That was the toughest decision to make, but life took me in another direction and I couldn't devote the time needed. So my posts won't be regular and I'm hoping they will be a bit of all the crafts that I love, not just cards. When I'm not posting, be sure to check out my aunt's fabulous new blog. I'm so glad I got the crafty genes from my mom's family!



  1. We should have painted that purple dining room of your!

    Love MOM

  2. I've been wondering where you were for the past month. Boy you were busy and sound like they are going to stay that way for a while.

    Bad tenants are the worst. Especially in NH where the laws seem to favor them over the landlord. My dad owns a mobile home park in Campton (north of Plymouth) and used to have terrible problems getting rid of deadbeats.

    Good for you for losing 32 lbs! You must be at or past your goal. From your photos you don't look like you had that much to lose. Was it all just from the gym or did you go on a special diet too?

    I think it's great that you are continuing your education. Hope all goes well with doing that and working too.


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