Friday, December 31, 2010

Singer 301

I have spent my vacation tinkering with a not-so-new toy, a Singer 301 sewing machine.

My aunt (check out her awesome blog HERE) gave me this beautiful machine last year, Christmas 2009. It was a find from the thrift shop she works at, and from what my mother tells me it is exactly like the sewing machine my grandmother had. I love that I control the speed of the needle with a leg pedal, rather than a foot pedal.

It has sat in my dining room for all of 2009, and I kept thinking about how I should use it. My mother told me she would come over and oil it, and now that I've done that myself and seen how embarassingly easy it is, I wish I got sewing with it sooner! The best part of the machine is the fact that it disappears into a beautiful cabinet, which coordinates nicely with my dining room table, china cabinet and desks in the same room.

Once I got it up and running I made myself two Frenchy bags (an Amy Butler pattern), one of which can be seen in the process in the second picture. Of course I forgot to take pictures of mine, but here are 3 I made for my in-laws for Christmas, with a closer shot of one. My aunt made these same purses HERE.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new's to a wonderful 2011!!!



  1. These purses rock! You did an amazing job! I love the color combo!

  2. Yippeee! You got the 301 rolling, it's a great machine and I'm so glad you have it. That cabinet, I looove that cabinet, dear old Uncle Dave did a great job polishing it special for you. If you'd not gotten it going soon, I was going to come up there and confiscate it. Not that I need it, I just love it.

    The purse are beautiful, great color combos. I love that pattern. Happy sewing.

  3. hey carol... been a while. wishing you and yours a truly blessed and happy new year.

    hugs :)


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