Saturday, February 19, 2011

Never Ending Love

I haven't been making many cards lately, and when I do they are simple. But I was inspired by Julie over at Paper Pleasing Ideas with her never ending card, and had an 'a-ha' moment to make one for my husband's valentine. He's had a rough year and sometimes when he's down on himself, the only thing I can do is say 'I love you' to help brighten his day. So I wanted to remind him that our love is never ending, just like the card.

This is the front:
It opens to reveal this:
And again opens to show this verse from 1st Corinthians (which I heard while watching Walk to Remember before making the card):

And opening it one last time reveals the last panel, which I left mostly blank to write him a message:
Julie also made a good video (here) to give you an idea of how the card works. It went together much easier than I expected so I'm sure I will make another one. Only for special occassions though!
We had a pretty sad Valentine's day (he stayed home sick, I arrived home sick) so the cards were the highlight of the evening. Other than that, we took turns with the couch and the heating pad, watched a bit of tv and went to bed early. I think we had Cheerios for dinner, but I don't even remember!

Today is WINDY so I'm going to sit on the couch and continue working on my friend's wedding invites. At least I'm on vacation this week so I will have time to make something just for FUN!



  1. Ha ha, your Valentine's Day sounds like ours! DH worked until 8:30 p.m., we swapped cards, had a late supper, and went to bed! Love this card - I saw Julie's tutorial, and just haven't had time (or a working computer) to try to follow it! You have inspired me, dear friend!!! Hope you finished your invites! Hugs...

  2. Hopping my way through the Operation Write Home bloghop, and I scrolled down to see this card. Wonderful folds, and I love the sequence of sentiments as it goes deeper into the layers.


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