Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog Candy!!!

I've been wanting to offer up some blog candy for Valentine's Day and here it is:

It's a variety of stamping and scrapbooking supplies, along with a fun journal to jot down ideas or whatever! All you need to do to enter for a chance to win is leave a comment here with the answer to this question....

Of the 20 students in my first grade class, how many homemade Valentine's will I receive?

You don't need to be right for the chance to win, I'm not even sure as it is my first year at the school. The demographic of the school is quite varied and my kids come from all types of families. I used to love making my valentines and wonder if many of them will!

Leave a comment on this post by midnight February 14th. I'll pick a winner on Sunday the 15th.

Spread the word and share the sweets....Goodnight and good luck!


  1. Mmmm this is a tricky question as we don't even do the Valentines Day thing a lot here in Australia ( I do - I love any excuse to tell my family I love them!!). I think maybe you'll get Valentines from 15 out of the 20 and maybe 5 of these will be homemade! Can't wait to see how many you actually get. Love visiting to see what you are up to.

  2. Thanks for popping by to visit my blog ! I really appreciated your comment, I hope you get lots of Valentines cards but at a guess how about 17 ? ! Good Luck and have fun, Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  3. I think 20 and you'll deserve them all!! I hope so anyway. i'm in the UK and we're not very big on it here but I am aware you in the US love your holidays and I really hope you get at least 20 if not more!!


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