Thursday, February 5, 2009

Card makeover

I started stamping because of my mother. Actually every craft I've started is because of my mother, with the exception of crochet which I learned when I took a class from a friend. But if I wasn't already cross-stitching and knitting I probably wouldn't crochet! My mom did Stampin Up a bit and had stamps when I was in college. I helped out with Christmas cards, or actually made her make the cards a few times. Once I was teaching she was headed to a make-and-take night and took me along. I've been hooked ever since! While I haven't gone to a make-and-take for awhile I have many cards I've made in my "just incase I need a card" pile.
Now that I'm more consistent in my stamping I'm making cards especially for each occassion and don't look in my stash. Wasted cards! Over the weekend when I looked through I thought I could improve upon the basic designs of some exsisting card and give them that WOW factor!
I'm sure there will be many more makeovers in my future! What do you think?

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