Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine treats

One thing I loved to do as a kid was make valentines. At least that's how I remember it...correct me if I'm wrong, Mom! As a teacher I look forward to making something unique each year and I think this year is the best yet, thanks to so much inspiration from all the blogs out there. We don't have school Friday (teachers do, but not kids) so we'll be exchanging our valentines tomorrow.
How many homemade valentines do you think I'll get? Leave a comment here for a chance to win my blog candy!
Here is what I created for my 20 sweethearts:

I like to give them something sweet, because they are so sweet to me. But not too much sugar and they aren't allowed to eat ANY until they are out of my class!!! Sorry parents...

I had fun using my Love You Much stamp set from Stampin Up! Had I thought of it in the grocery store I would've bought Hershey Hugs instead of M&Ms but I don't think the kids will mind the candy not matching the tag on the bag.

Hope your valentine gives you something sweet too!


  1. These are terrific for kids. Simple but still fun.

    I don't think many kids make handmade gifts anymore. So of your 20 kids, I think you will only get 3 homemade items for Vday.

  2. Yes Caryl, you always loved to make your Valentines and you were very creative even back then in first grade. You loved to make anything which is why my sewing room was the craft room for many, many years as witnessed by the paint still on the floor in there.

    Don't put my name in for your giveaway. I'll just come over and take what I want anyways since I have a key to your house!

    Love, MOM


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