Friday, June 12, 2009

Many generations

Here's another card for my Aunt Greta's upcoming birthday. I used the Diva Coffee Break sketch from this week. No, I will not be sending all 106 of her cards, but I raided my stash and made many extra to take to my family reunion this weekend on Cape Cod. That way others can write her cards! It's my father's side of the family and we go every other year. My great-great aunt is the last of her generation and all those attending the reunion are decendents of her brothers and sisters. It's pretty cool! My mom shared some photos from last years reunion HERE, many pictures of the beautiful cottages HERE and a bit of the background HERE.

I'm truly blessed to have such a great extended family that I get to see somewhat regularly. I can even explain to you who my second cousin, once removed is! It took until I was 16 or so to get it, but it's like putting a puzzle together and gets easier every time. I think it's awesome that I'm good friends with my fourth cousin and couldn't fall sleep last night because I'm excited to see him (he lives down south)! Hopefully the sun comes out, but either way I'll be with family. Hope your weekend is fun filled too! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for another Unscripted Sketch.



  1. Clean, colorful, and a happy way to wish your great-great aunt a happy birthday! I'll bet the best part is seeing what sounds like a big extended family!! Have a wonderful time at the Cape!!! :>

  2. That sounds like a blast!
    I LOVE your card with the little cute.

  3. Such a simple and pretty card.

    I'm huge into genealogy and I know my family back 150+ years. But I actually only "know" a couple members of the family. Everyone else is just an entry in a family tree program to me. How cool that you actually have reunions and meet everyone.

  4. Cute card. It is great that you know so much about your family. I am glad that you used the DCBD card sketch to make your card.

  5. Very nice card! thanks for playing, and don't forget to play again :) Greetings


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